Welcome to That's Final!

Donít you love the satisfaction of reaching a decision - particularly after struggling, even agonising, over choices?

Donít you often wish that you had some help?

Well youíve come to the right place - Thatís Final.

This site will provide insights, tools, education, and even a bit of fun, to help you make that difficult decision just that much easier.

Whether itís a new camera, car, washing machine that you need to compare or decide on, weíll have something to help you.

Browse around and enjoy your stay.

Youíll find that adding this site to your `Favourites` is one of the best decisions youíve made this year. And Thatís Final.

As Robert H. Schuller once said..

"High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly,
make big decisions quickly and
move into action immediately.
Follow these principles and
you can make your dreams come true."

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This site is structured as follows:

-Decisions: What are they?

-Jokes and Quotes: Fun and famous quips

-Serious tools: Articles and important links

-Fun tools: The lighter side of decision making


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Proud to be South African

Proud to be South African